Aqua Products, Inc., is a high-tech consumer electronic manufacturing company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of robotic, fully automatic swimming pool cleaners. Established in New York in 1983, Aqua Products has been bringing innovative products to the consumer market for years. They research and manufacturing facilities are located in New Jersey while they have distribution centers throughout the world.

Aqua Products patented microprocessor driven swimming pool cleaners are designed and manufactured in-house and then marketed to customers worldwide. The company produces residential, commercial, and industrial models. They are designed for ease of handling and require little maintenance. The pool cleaners are virtually weightless in the water which allows them to clean the floor of the pool as well as climb the walls and stairs cleaning up to the water line independent of the pool's filter. The Aquabots filter, scrub and vacuum all type of debris automatically down to 2 microns, into its own self-contained, onboard filtration system.

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